Reasons for recommending Canada Canada, whose 
official languages ​​are English and France, has two languages ​​spoken in one country. For those thinking about studying abroad it is a very paradise. 
There is not much difference in prices as compared with Japan, beef etc. are cheaper than Japan. Canada is inland with the neighboring US, but the number of crimes is unlikely to be mad. The manner of people is not bad either. 
For those who live overseas for the first time, it can be said that it is a country that is quite easy to live. 
The rich nature and the size of the country may expand our horizons.

Working holiday Working holiday 
visa can be used in 12 countries around the world. Canada is one of them. 
The best thing about working holiday is that one visa is using a number of visas. 
If I want to work overseas, I need a working visa. For studying abroad, you need a student visa. Only one visa can be applied to one passport. 
However, in the case of a working holiday visa, you will have both a work visa and a student visa. You will be able to take classes at school while you work. One disappointing thing is that there is age restriction on acquisition.

Studying abroad If 
studying abroad it is definitely advantageous to do with a working holiday visa. 
Any Japanese can get it if it is a Japanese from 18 to 30 years old. 
If it is a working holiday, you can get to the school while working, you get an environment that is almost the same as life in Japan. 
It is difficult to work part-time in general study abroad, and the work that can be done is limited. On that point, if you study abroad on a working holiday, the jobs you can get are almost infinite. 
When you do only study abroad, you have to return home when you are frustrated with English. The advantage of working holiday is where you can learn English while enjoying your life.

About visa at the time of study abroad Visas that 
can be used for study abroad in Canada are tourist visa, international student visa, working holiday visa (hereinafter referred to as work holiday visa). 
After traveling, I will enter the country with a tourist visa first. Tourist visa is permitted for 6 months stay. And you can also attend a language school during that period. So I will search for bytes while studying abroad for the first 4 to 6 months. 
Then, once you find the bite, you can switch to WH-Holidays Visa and once you leave and re-enter Japan, you will be able to stay for up to 1 year and 6 months. When 
you use a work holiday visa that enters insurance, you are supposed to force working holiday insurance. 
If you go easily without joining insurance and get arrested in Canada, you will get visa deprived and you may not be able to enter the country afterwards. 
Therefore, please be sure to join Kingdom Holiday in Canada after joining the working holiday doctor. 
If you enter the country with a study visa or tourist visa first and then switch to a work holiday visa, please be careful to be an insurance period covering all during the work holiday visa.