International students who can obtain permanent residence are bilingual, and after graduation they are growing up as global talent, so they are seen in human resources who can manage Canada’s economic field in particular. 
So, now, I am accepting a workpiece of two years to the graduates of Canadian university and a stay in Canada for two years after graduation. 
And the Canadian Government finds employment in Canada during this period, acquires work visas and business visas, encourages graduates to stay in Canada for a long time. 
This is part of the policy of keeping excellent talents who graduated from college outside the country and keeping them in the country.

Popular study abroad 
Canada is a popular country alongside Australia as a destination for study abroad in working holiday. Here, you can learn less clean, clean English. 
From the history of accepting immigrants, you can master French in addition to English. 
I can not go to sightseeing places that I can travel to the U.S without a visa and have abundant beautiful nature. In particular, winter sports are prosperous and it is recommended for those who really want to have fun.

Visa and Mandatory Insurance 
Visa application for the following year will be started around December of the year for visas required to study in Canada. 
In Japan, a permit is issued. Visas will be issued at the time of entry into Canada after that. 
The number of capacity depends on year on a first come first serve basis. In Canada, it is forced to enter working holiday insurance. 
Therefore, if you do not have insurance you will be in violation. In case of violation, deprivation of Visa and denial of entry may also be considered. Before you go, do not forget to take out insurance.

for expenses during staying in Canada, depending on the plan, seems to be necessary to prepare about 1.7 million in half a year. 
There is no provision of working hours at working holiday. 
Under the same employer it is possible to work for a year. 
However, it seems that the job is hard to find easily. 
After studying abroad, I will attend a language school to acquire my English ability. 
Language schools are a place for information on work recruitment and information exchange with colleagues. 
In addition, the range of jobs to be employed will change according to the mastery level of language. 
Whether to make a working holiday successful or not depends on how individual awareness is held. 
It is always important to act on concrete goals in mind.