How to study abroad 
English is an official language used all over the world. 
It is study abroad that has been chosen as a way to wear that English firmly. 
There are various ways to study abroad. 
In fact, the first way is to go to the local university and spend time using savings and remittances so far. 
Basically, this method is mainly for study. 
The second method is to use the precision of working holiday. 
Working holiday is a system that many people use not only Japanese but also foreigners.

Working holiday using the system is a special system where certain work is allowed to compensate for residence funds. 
Work is permitted, so you can work part-time. 
Since you can talk directly with the local people, you can absorb the local culture etc. 
Also, because you can work in the field, it can be said that the English conversation progresses inevitably. 
Japan’s working holiday agreement countries are limited. 
Hong Kong and Korea are in Asia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are famous countries.

Characteristics of Canada 
Among them, Canada is a very popular country among those who think mainly about language study abroad. 
The reason is that compared to Australia and New Zealand, there are places with little English accent. 
Next time I can touch nature that I can not see in Japan. 
There are also large cities such as Toronto and Vancouver in Canada, and it is one of the reasons for popularity that security is also relatively safe. 
Also, because it is adjacent to the United States, you can go to the United States easily. 
If you are considering studying abroad, Canada is a very attractive country.